Hakha University ah ralkap nih umhmun an khuar

Tu zaanlei 3pm hrawngah ralkap nih Hakha University chungah umhmun an khuar, tiah theih asi.

Chin Nuhrin Covo Bu (CHRO) nih, “Hakha University chungah ralkap nih umhmun an khuarmi cu fak piin kan duhlonak kan langhter,” tiah cathanh a chuah.

“University ah ralkap chiah cu Rampumpi Kahngol Hnatlaknak (NCA) sachoh buar asi,” ati.

CNA Chapter 3(d) nih “Biaknak hmunhma, sianginn, sizung, sekhan, nunphung hmunhma le mipi hmunhma ah ralkap chiah lo ding,” tiin fiang tein a langhter.

CHRO condemns the junta’s plan to station Burmese soldiers inside Hakha University Campus.

By stationing soldiers inside college and university campuses across the country, the Tatmadaw is in blatant breach of Nation-wide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) Chapter 3(d), which stipulates “It is prohibited to station soldiers or to install military facilities within the premises of religious compound, schools, hospitals, clinics, cultural sites and other public places.”