Lunglawmhpinak: College volleyball scholarship a hmu hmasa bikmi Salai Thang Za Bawi


US ram, Indiana state um Salai Thang Za Bawi cu Indiana um Kawlrammi vialte lakah college volleyball scholarship a hmu hmasa bikmi asi.

Thantlang peng, Zephai khuami Pu Lian Mang le Pi Vang Hnem hna i an fapa rosung cu Wabash College nih volleyball celh kho dingin a cohlan i scholarship zong a pek chih.

Cucaah, Zophei tefa vialte nih kan lawmhpi tuk hringhran.

Indiana khuasa Kawlrammi chungin college volleyball celh kho dingin cohlan hmasa bikmi Salai Thang Za Bawi

Indiana khuasa Kawlrammi chungin amah lawng hi college volleyball celh dingin cohlanmi asi rih, cucaah kan lawmhpi khun.

Hmailei volleyball aa celhnak ah siseh, sianginn a kainak ah siseh Pathian nih umpi in lam hruai hram ko seh.

Salang Thang Za Bawi le a nulepa

We would like to give our heartfelt congratulations to Thang Za Bawi, son of Pu Lian Mang and Pi Vang Hnem from Zephai village who is accepted and offered a scholarship to play volleyball at Wabash College.

He is the first Burmese ever in Indiana to get accepted to play volleyball at a college level.

We wish him success in his volleyball career and studies! We’re very proud of you!